Shipping To Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight: How And Benefits

February 16, 2023

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When we are working in eCommerce, we understand that we need to ship the products fastest not only to the customer but also to our warehouses.

When shipping to amazon fba multiple shipping services are used within the USA, like UPS, FedEx, etc. But in order to deliver the fastest service of bigger container loads, one needs to know the pickup timings and the availability of space on trucks to ship items. The algo of rapid express freight takes care of it by finding you the most convenient and cheapest possible mode of transport. Which also helps you in increasing your profitability.

What is rapid express freight?

Rapid express freight is a licensed bonded freight broker that uses algo to get the best possible way to get your package to be delivered from one point to another with help of multiple carriers.

They can deliver products through various modes of transport rail, road, air, or ship.

They are faster than conventional modes of shipping to amazon FBA.

What can rapid express freight be used for?

It can be used for shipping to Amazon FBA: So every product needs to be shipped from your warehouses to Amazon's Fulfillment center if you are planning to use Amazon fba . In that case shipping to amazon, FBA can take a sizeable amount of time-varying anywhere from 5-7 days with the help of regular carriers.

But with the help of shipping to amazon FBA rapid express freight, you can reduce this time. Since they look at the best available carrier on that route which can not only reduce your waiting time but also reduce your overall freight expenses.

Rapid express freight also has a courier service arm which also helps in finding the fastest way to deliver your package to your amazon customers.

What are the benefits of rapid express freight?

In order to ship to Amazon fba you need to follow specific guidelines in terms of package sizes and some regulations. Rapid express freight takes care of those since they have been doing it for many years.

It is cost-effective as compared to other shipping options to amazon FBA, especially with less than truck container load or truck load container.

And they have been able to find the fastest shipping methods by working with various logistics firms, between your warehouses and amazon FBA fulfillment centers.

Which zip codes does Rapid express freight service operate in?

They not only operate in the US and mostly even those zip codes which aren't easily serviceable by bigger service providers.

But they also operate internationally and across various modes of transport, there by a package from China to US or Europe will find it fastest way to be delivered to the Amazon fulfillment center. Being freight forwarders they also help you with customs clearance if required.

How is Amazon FBA and Rapid Express freight Connected?

Contrary to what is written on the internet , Rapid express freight doesn't has any written contract with Amazon for FBA.

But they are the fastest to delivery the product load to Amazon FBA, since they use multiple carrier and those which fit the best. Sometimes delivering as fast as 24-48 hours in some locations and movements.

What is the benefit of faster shipping to amazon fba with rapid express freight?

Shipping Time: Sometimes though your product has reached amazon fulfillment centers it may still take time to be inward into the amazon warehouses. But Rapid express freight claims that their carriers work on special appointments with the FBA which saves time. Also, they claim to deliver large truckloads of goods within 24 hours in most cases. Which as per me is the fastest anyone can offer.

Saving on working capital: If your products are shipped faster and it reduces your delivery time even by 2-3 days. You will end up saving on working capital.
FBA shipping: Shipping to FBA needs a particular way of loading things, especially to a maximum size of boxes, putting FNSKU labels, etc. The service can take care of most of these items.

Costs: Using Rapid Express Freight can also save on costs as compared to other shipping channels. Since Rapid Express Freight uses data to find the best option shipping channel available.


They claim to deliver goods within 24 hours, which sometimes can be difficult with other carriers in spite of having a full truckload of goods. But the use of rapid express freight is mostly limited to someone who ships large loads than those Amazon FBA sellers who are just starting out.

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