What Does Renewed Mean On Amazon?

February 16, 2023

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Amazon Renewed means all the previously owned products, including the ones that are refurbished, rebuilt, and even renewed items that are for sale on amazon. But that doesn't mean the product quality is of sub standard or poor nature. 

You might have noticed the tag "Amazon Renewed" while browsing on Amazon and wondered what it meant.

While you may see that most of the products on Amazon are brand new, there are some refurbished and used items too. You may notice some products under the tag of Amazon Renewed. 

You may have many questions regarding the Amazon Renewed Program and a lot of suspicion about the authenticity of these products. So, I am here to discuss all the different aspects of the program for both buyers and sellers. There is a lot more to it than it seems. 

So, let's begin with the very basics!

What Does Amazon Renewed Mean?

By BuildFBA.com

Amazon Renewed meaning is that you can find all the previously owned products, including the ones that are refurbished, rebuilt, and even renewed items. 

There are certain conditions and quality checks that these products undergo before getting listed on the Amazon Renewed section. I will discuss these conditions in detail later. 

An essential feature of Amazon Renewed is that all the items listed on the platform come with an Amazon Guarantee. This feature gives the customer a good reason to trust the authenticity of these products as much as they trust buying anything else from the platform. 

Amazon tests these products for defects or faults before approving them for Amazon Renewed. Amazon hires professional technicians or refurbishers to conduct these tests. 

Amazon Renews claims that the refurbished items will not have any significant scratches or dents. It has a qualifier that says that the product bought on Amazon renewed will not have any visible "cosmetic imperfections" when held 12-inches away.  

When it comes down to the quality of products on Amazon Renewed, it is a well-trusted platform. Most customers have reviewed Amazon Renewed as an excellent product for buying refurbished goods. 

If you are sceptical about buying from Amazon Renewed, I suggest you check its reviews to assure you of its authenticity and quality. 

What are Amazon Renewed Products?

A renewed product at Amazon Renewed is an item that was refurbished, previously owned or an open-box product. Another customer once owned these items. However, the renewed products are only sold on the platform when they are in complete working condition and have only minor scratches or marks. The products on Amazon Renewed undergo a series of tests by a professional before they are sold on the platform.

What are Refurbished Products?

There are some products which were once owned and used by another person. Refurbishing means restoring such products to a condition which is almost like it is new. 

You will not find any significant defects, scratches or marks on a Refurbished product. These are used products that are fixed and restored to be as good as new. 

Another category of products sold on Amazon Renewed is Open-box. Open-box products are essentially unused products, but their original packaging wouldn't be available. These documents may be missing because the complete packaging was lost in the warehouse or the previous customer did not return it.

However, these products need to meet a certain quality standard set by amazon to be qualified for Amazon Renewed. These quality standards check whether the products are in good condition or not, without any significant defects and dents. 

Here, it is essential to understand how Amazon Renewed works and what kind of sellers can be eligible to sell here.

What products are available on amazon renewed?

You can find a wide range of products on Amazon Renewed. However, not all products available on Amazon are available on the Renewed Platform. Among a lot of other products, Amazon Renewed mostly features these products.

  • Gadgets and Electronics

These include smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, equipment and supplies, cameras, fitness trackers, etc.

  • Home Appliances

These include refrigerators, SmartTVs, washing machines, smart home devices, entertainment units and products, Air-conditioners, etc. 

  • Audio Devices 

These include headphones, mic, earbuds, speakers, sound systems, amplifiers, digital music instruments etc.

  • Lawn and Garden Equipment

These include outdoor blowers, mowers, hedge trimmers, edgers etc.

  • Office Supplies

These include Scanners, projectors, shredders, security cameras, chippers.

There are a lot more products available on Amazon Renewed. Later in this article, I mentioned the steps you can follow to find their availability. 

How to find Amazon Renewed Products?

Amazon Renewed products are easy to find. Follow these simple steps to find the Renewed products you are looking for:

  • Go to Amazon.com.
  • Search for "Renewed" in the search bar. 
  • You will see the option to go to Amazon Renewed at the top of the results.
  • You will be directed to the official Amazon Renewed Store. You can select the product category you are looking for and browse through all the options. 
  • Alternatively, you can directly search the name of the product you are looking for on the Amazon Website and add the prefix "Renewed" to it. 

Who can sell on Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed Program can be an exciting opportunity for sellers. If you are a seller who deals with refurbished and previously products a lot, then the Renewed Program can be a good platform for your expansion and reach a wider audience. 

There are specific eligibility criteria for a seller or any person to sell on Amazon Renewed.

How to start selling on Amazon Renewed?

The criteria given by the Amazon can be a little tricky. Not everyone can qualify as seller on the Renewed platform. We will discuss the entire process and criteria in detail here.


1. Become an Amazon Seller

You need an Amazon Seller Account to be eligible for this program. If you are already selling on Amazon and are planning to expand on Amazon, then you can tick this criterion. However, if you are not, it is an essential condition, and you should register yourself right away. You can even join the Amazon Brand Registry. This platform will offer you a range of tools that you can use to grow and build your brand on Amazon.


2. Qualifying for Amazon Renewed

Amazon sets a specific criterion for sellers to qualify as Amazon Renewed Sellers. These include: 

  • Show an invoice supply of $50,000 in total value in the qualifying category of refurbished purchases—this need to be of the previous 90 days from the date of application. 
  • In the case of existing sellers, you need to show Amazon that you have 0.8% or less of ODR in the previous 90 days.
  • In case you are planning to sell factory refurbished items with no manufacturer warranty. You will have to submit at least eight images of the sample unit for review of packaging and product. 
  • All the refurbished products that fall under Amazon Renewed Guarantee need to be backed by the seller, and the liability against all claims will fall on the seller's company.
  • For all Apple Products in the category of Electronics, invoices will be required for the previous 90 days with a value of $2.5 million in Apple Refurbished Products.

3. Applying for Amazon Renewed

Once you have gone through all the criteria and conditions for the application process, you can apply for the program. You can initiate the application process by submitting your application on the Amazon Renewed Official Website to emailing your application along with all required documents to renewed-application@amazon.com. 

4. Selling on Amazon Renewed

Once your application is submitted, Amazon takes about ten business days to review and approve it. Once approved, you can start by listing your products on the platform. The process is the same as listed on the original Amazon. You can use different business tools to improve the performance of your listing and make it more visible to consumers. 

Why can Amazon Renewed be an excellent option for you?

Amazon renewed can be an excellent option for people. It is a budget option for buyers to get good products at great prices. For Sellers, it is a fantastic opportunity to reach a broader audience for their Refurbished products.

Let's dig into each one of these categories!


Benefits of Amazon Renewed For Seller


  • Less Competition

The Amazon Renewed is a bit of an exclusive program. Not every seller qualifies to sell under Amazon Renewed. There is a specific criterion that every seller needs to fulfil to qualify for the Renewed program. Therefore, there is not a lot of competition here.
The competition narrows down even further depending on your niche and category of refurbished goods. So, if you are planning to expand your business on Amazon or if you are planning to reach a wider audience- Amazon Renewed is a great opportunity. 

  • Higher Sales

Besides low competition, the sellers on Amazon Renew have better chances of making a sale. The products on this platform come with an Amazon Warranty and are verified items. This builds the trust of the customer to buy these refurbished items. 

Customers' primary distrust towards buying a refurbished or used product is the authenticity of these items. But with Amazon Guarantee and the verification of items, customers can put their trust in them. This will make it easier for your product to sell on the platform.

  • Building Trust

Amazon is already a highly trusted brand. When it claims that all the products on Amazon Renewed are verified and tested, it is enough for a buyer to trust them. Along with this, the Amazon Guarantee is applicable on the Renewed items, putting a seal on this trust.
This gives the seller an excellent opportunity to build upon this trust. You can use this trust to develop your brand on Amazon Renewed. This way, you can get good reviews and have the edge over the upcoming competition.

  • Capturing a new market

Amazon Renewed targets a new group of buyers. These buyers are looking for refurbished goods that offer quality at a lower price. When you start selling on Amazon Renewed, this is a new market for you. 

This new market has an existing trust in your product through Amazon verification and guarantee. You can use this to capture their interest and build a good relationship with this new demographic. 

Benefits of Amazon Renewed For Buyer

  • Cheaper Products

If you want refurbished products, authenticity and quality are significant factors. Amazon Renewed is solving these big problems for a buyer. It offers you good quality and verified products at low prices, which is why Amazon Renewed ranks as the top choice for buying refurbished goods. 

  • Amazon Warranty and Return Policy

The claim is that all Renewed Products are tested and verified by professionals for any defect or damage. Along with this, Amazon provides a Guarantee to protect the customer from any defective product they receive. This means that the products are authentic, and it isn't too risky to buy them from Amazon Renewed.

  • Good quality verified Products

The products on the Amazon Renewed platform are tested and verified by Amazon. Along with this, you get a warranty from Amazon. You also get a good return policy on these items. Any other refurbisher might not be able to provide you with such policies on their product. 

So, you get good quality products at a very reasonable price. It is a great point to consider while looking for refurbished products. 


Things to consider before going for Amazon Renewed


  • Limited Category of Products

Amazon Renewed is a good platform for both buyers and sellers. However, it does not offer an extensive range of product categories. There are specific limited categories only that are listed on the Renewed platform. Both the buyer and seller have to deal within a limited scope. 

  • Sellers may face more returns and refunds

Though it is an excellent benefit that Amazon offers a guarantee and a good return policy on renewed products, this can often lead to sellers facing more returns and refunds. If Amazon provides a return policy, the seller will have to make such a return. This can kill the business of the seller. 

  • Building a brand as Refurbisher only.

It might work perfectly for some sellers to build a brand as a refurbisher and reseller. But this might not be true for every seller. If you are a seller looking to build trust among its customers and grow on Amazon, you might see the Renewed platform as a great option. However, it might lead to customers only labeling you as a refurbishing brand. This might not be very good for your Brand Image. 

  • Missing the Renewed Tag

The little glitch with Amazon is that it will display the renewed and brand-new products on the same page. The customer can miss the tag of Renewed and buy it as a brand-new product. This can create distrust among the customers and lead to more returns for the seller. 

Final Words

Amazon Renewed has a lot to offer- for the seller and the buyer. However, there are different aspects of this program that you should keep in mind before going for it. I have mentioned all the essential things about this platform in this article. I hope it helped you get a clear idea of how Amazon Renewed works and what all things it has to offer. 

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to comment below! Stay tuned for more content!

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