What Are The Top Selling Items on eBay in 2023?

March 30, 2023

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EBay is among the biggest e-commerce platform in the world and serves over a million customers every day. 

With the growth of ebay seller in-commerce sales on eBay, sellers have turned their business online. More and more people have started selling on eBay, which has worked wonders for them.

But working worders isn’t this easy. I am sure that opening a seller's account on eBay is fairly simple, but making that seller account into a profitable business takes a lot of effort, time, and patience.

You need to research your market and how it works to turn your business into one that makes high profits on eBay. You need to select the products that can be profitable on eBay.

So, you need products with a good number of sales, and the customer base is enough for you to turn them into profits. 

This article will dig into different categories and products that are best-selling items on eBay. I have explored all the areas on eBay in seller where you can shine and sell! 

Before we can start selling, we must understand what we should look for in a product before starting an online store. What makes a product a best seller?

How to find top-selling items on eBay Store?

You need to get your facts and figures right to find the very best selling brands & top-selling products on eBay. This means you need to analyze the critical data figures and the performance of those products in the market. Here are some terms of reference you can use to research a product:

  1. Sell-through Rate 

The sell-through rate of a product is a very useful factor in checking the performance of a product. It is the percentage of inventory sold during a particular period.

If a product has a high sell-through rate, there is a high demand for the product, and the inventory is turning over quickly. 

  1. Number of Listings

If a product has a high number of listings on a platform, it is in good demand, but this also means increased competition in that niche. 

  1. Number of Successful Listings

The number of successful listings indicates how many, out of the total listings on the platform, have made at least one sale. If this percentage is high, then the product is performing well in the market. 

Top Selling items & Top Selling Ebay Categories in 2023

1. Clothing and accessories

  • Men’s Clothing

Men’s Clothing dominates the best-selling items on eBay, and you cannot ignore many of their listings on the platform. 

Among the different categories, T-shirts are a fast seller. Other categories under Men’s Clothing that sells on eBay include activewear, jackets, trousers, etc. 

This category has over 13 Million listings on eBay, and it may be a saturated market for many sellers on eBay. However, we cannot ignore the high number of successful listings with a very high sell-through rate.


  • Women’s Clothing

Women’s clothing is yet another best-selling category on eBay. Under this category, women’s tops, dresses, t-shirts, blouses, etc., are the best sellers.

Though the sell-through rate of men’s clothing is relatively higher, we cannot ignore that women’s clothing is one of the top-selling categories on eBay. 

If you plan on selling products under this category, do thorough market research and pay special attention to the current trends in women’s clothing to find the best products.


  • Socks And Accessories

Under the apparel category, socks and other clothing accessories like watches, belts, etc., are one of the top-selling items on eBay. Products under this category have a high selling rate, and even though a competitive market, you can get enough sales from them. 

If you do a brief market research for this category, you will notice a huge market for socks on this platform, including solid and printed socks. A niche market under this category is Women’s socks, which do not have a lot of listings yet. 

Since the products under this category have low selling prices, you can research the market and find a niche that has not been exploited yet. 

2. Electronics And Gadgets

  • Fans

Many people would miss this product, but Fans are among the best-selling items on eBay. They have less than 1 Million listings, but with their high selling price and over 90% successful listings, this can be a great product. 

There are various sub-categories for Fans. You can pick a niche or work with all of them. The niche categories under Fans include portable fans, heavy-duty fans, ceiling fans, bladeless fans, etc. You can even pick fans from top-selling brands, according to eBay. 

I recommend you do careful and thorough market research to find the niche under this category with low competition but good search volume. 

  • Cables

These two products are among the top of the top best-selling items. Cables sell a lot on eBay, with over 2 Million listings and a sell-through rate of over 30,000%/ 

This means that, on average, a listing of cables on eBay makes over 300 sales monthly. 

  • Car Phone Holders

Car Phone Holders are another hot-selling item with approximately a million listings on eBay. They have a high selling-through rate and have over 94% successful listings.

Most Car Phone Holders are the ones that can be attached to the Dashboard or rearview mirror of the car. You can find a universal niche under this category, 360-Degree rotating phone holders, etc.

The competition for Car Phone Holders is not that high, and you can use this to your advantage. 

  • Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers are one of the top tech products on eBay. They have low selling prices, but their selling-through rate is incredible. 

If you manage to get on the first search result page for this product, you can make a lot of sales. You can find and target a niche under this category, like magnetic, 3-in-1 chargers, one of the best-sellers. 

Other niche categories can include chargers for specific mobile brands, universal chargers, etc. 

  • Computers

This popular category on eBay has over 50K listings with a success rate of 83%. Since this category has a very high selling price and less number of listings, it may be the right product for you to target. 

Most listings under this category sell desktops and computers from Dell and HP; however, other brands like Mac are rapidly growing on eBay. 

With fewer listings and a high selling price, you can select a niche under this category which can be easy for you to target. 

  • Smart Watches

Another product with a high sell-through rate and successful listings is Smart Watch. These products have an average selling price of around $90, and eBay has over 200K listings of Smart Watches. 

These numbers are pretty promisings, and the category of Smartwatches is diverse. So, you can pick out a range of smartwatches, including new and used ones and watches from different brands. 

  •  Laptops, Tablets, And Other Electronics

Similar to desktops, Laptops, and tablets sell pretty well on eBay. Electronic gadgets like Bluetooth speakers, headphones, Smart Home Products, TVs, ebook readers, and accessories are among eBay's best-selling items. 

This might be a very broad category of products, but if you research the market well, you can find a niche or product with low listings and high demand on eBay. 

If you go for products with higher selling prices, select the ones with fewer listings. Products with low selling prices might have high competition, and you can find an untapped niche under them. 

  • Mobile Phone Cases And Covers

Other hot-sellers on eBay are Mobile Phone covers. This niche may seem small and saturated, but the demand for phone cases is very high, and new models come every month. 

On average, a listing of these products has over 500 sales per month. Silicone mobile phone covers, custom print-on-demand covers, and iPhone cases are among the top-selling items. 

Items like Glass Screen protectors, tempered glass, screen protectors, etc., are popular items on eBay. These items have a low selling price and high competition but a high sell-through rate, and most listings get decent monthly sales. 

4. Collectibles

Another category is Collectibles. Products under this category include Action Figures of Movie or TV show characters, characters from Video Games, Anime Characters, etc. 

The demand for these products changes with the changing trend, but some action figures sell evergreen. 

If you want to pick a product from this category, I recommend you check the gaming and pop culture trends. Star Wars, Marvel, DC, BTS, Anime Action Figures, and collectibles are the most popular. 

This category has high competition, and with the low selling price of the products, it is a lot of work to compete in this market. You can try this market with your product if you can find an untapped niche.

5. Health and Beauty

Though this category might seem saturated, the diverse range of products keeps it from settling. One beauty trend comes in, and the other goes out. This is what happens to the market for products under this category. 

From Heath supplements to lifestyle products, the products are among the best-selling items on eBay. Beauty products, including skincare and cosmetics, have a high sell-through ratio. 

Current trends in the market, especially in skincare, affect this niche a lot. So, this might be a saturated and high-competition niche for many people, but there are still gaps in the market for new competition to come and fill. 

Other products like Bio-oil, mirrors and other makeup accessories, razor blades for men, men’s grooming essentials, etc., are also the top-selling items under this category.


6. Baby Essentials

Baby products are among the top-selling items on eBay. The products under this category include a diverse range of items, including Baby Carriers, slings, strollers, beds, safety gates, accessories, etc. 
It is a broad category, and most products have a high sell-through rate. Many sub-categories under this are high competition, especially the Baby Gear Market. This market includes strollers, safety gates, cribs, baby seats, pillows, blankets, etc. The average selling price for these items can vary a lot.

Many products under this category have high competition, but you can find products that can do well with low competition and high demand.

Other products like Baby Monitors, video cameras, bathtubs, breastfeeding supplies, etc., are popular in this category. 

Used products and items for resale in this category are also a popular niche. You can find a good market for these items on eBay and make good profits.

7. Jewellery

  • Bracelets

Under the category of Jewelry and accessories, bracelets are among the best-selling items on eBay. There are over 1.5 Million listings, and most of them are successful. 

The average price of these items can range between $4-$10, but they have very high competition. To enter this market, you need a unique, untapped niche.

Most listings under this category include leather or beaded bracelets and other types like gemstone bracelets, metal bracelets, etc. 

You can research the market trends and find unique bracelets not heavily listed on eBay. 

  • Necklaces

Similar to bracelets, products like necklaces are best-sellers on eBay. They have fewer listings than bracelets, but the market is highly competitive. 

The best-selling products under this category are gemstones or crystal necklaces. However, there is an upward trend for simple chains and small, minimal necklaces. 

Though this market may seem competitive and saturated, it still has space. If you research and find unique items, they can sell very well on eBay. 

8. Video Games

Amongst the top-selling items on eBay is the ever-trending category of Video Games. The average price of products under this category ranges from $5 to $100. 

The sales of video games and consoles are very high on eBay. These include new and used items. This category has a vast market for resell of video games, consoles, and other accessories. On this platform, you can sell vintage consoles and old video games at a reasonable price. 

Popular and trending video games like Mario Kart, Legends of Zelda, etc., are among the items you should be shortlisting for this category. 

Gaming equipment like controllers and consoles are amongst the top sellers. This category includes a diverse price range from items as low as $10 to consoles with selling prices of more than $500. 

You can select the products that have less competition and decent demand. Since most products have a high sell-through rate, this category can be very profitable if you choose the right products. 

9. Home Decor 

  • Home Decor

Home Decor items like bedsheets, cushions, wall prints, trendy lamps, and other decor items. Products like Bedsheets and LED Lights are among the selling items on eBay. 

Other products include home essential gadgets and products. These products have a small market, and the sales trends can vary from product to product. 

However, if you research and test different products under this category, you can find some low-competition, best-selling products.

  • Home Furniture

Home Furniture is another category that is among the best sellers on eBay. Under this category, coffee tables, shelves, living room furniture, beds, etc., are the top-selling items. 

This niche can involve a lot of investments, and the market is quite competitive. However, you can find some products with low-selling prices, like coffee tables, shelves, etc., with unique designs and good demand on eBay.

  • Gardening Products

The Home Decor market has snowballed, and newer products are added to this category almost daily. 

The Gardening tools under this category are getting very popular and have a high sell-through rate on eBay. These products range from Gardening tools and equipment to decor items like statutes, lamps, pots, etc. 

10. Fitness Gear

Fitness equipment sales have increased drastically and are the best-selling items on eBay now. Under this category, products like Inversion tables, aerobic steps, suspension trainers, dumbbells, yoga mats, resistance bands, ropes, etc., are highly popular among consumers. 

 This niche has a lot of competition, and if you want to jump ahead of this competition, you will need to strategize and give better deals to consumers. Another reason why a lot of sellers are hesitant to jump into this niche is the follow-up service and returns that are associated with it. 

The profit margins are decent for the category of these products, and they have a very high sell-through rate on eBay. If you can research the market well, you will definitely find products that can earn you good profits. 

11. Sports Gear

Sporting goods and equipment are other categories that sell a lot on eBay. These categories include goods like Bicycles, e-bikes, etc., and sporting gear like camping equipment, bike parts, fishing gear, sportswear, trekking gear, etc. 

Sporting gears have a vast market, but this comes with a lot of competition. The category of products is so diverse here that you can try and test different items to find the one that works the best. 

Nevertheless, the sporting gear and goods market is increasing rapidly, and new items are ranking as best-sellers under this category. 

The number of listings under this category is in millions, but it has a high sell-through rate. This factor makes this category an excellent niche for many sellers on eBay. 

12. Pet Supplies

  • Food

The pet industry is blooming at a very fast rate worldwide, and this means it is blooming on eBay. A lot of sellers make a very profitable business from pet food and supplements. 

Targeting different pets, including dogs, cats, birds, etc., will give you a good scope of business.  Additionally, there is a wide range of food supplies and supplements that you can select.

  • Pet Toys

Another great niche under Pet supplies that sells a lot on eBay. You can research the market and find trending items for this category. Pet toys have a universal appeal and can never leave the trend. They have consistently been the best-selling items on eBay, and their sales are growing rapidly. 

EBay's most common and best-selling pet toys include rubber chew, balls, and interactive puzzle toys. There are a lot of other categories of toys that you can target, including toys from popular brands. 

Even though there are already many listings for this category, it is still a good shot.

13. Craft Supplies

After the pandemic hit, the sales of craft supplies hit a new high on eBay. The items under the category include a diverse range of products, from DIY products like gems, beads, jewelry-making supplies, etc., to journal and art categories. 

The top sellers under this category are primarily different types of beads and jewelry-making supplies, including loose beads and DIY kits. 

The listings under this category have a high sell-through rate and a low selling price. On average, the selling price of these items ranges between $1-$5 depending upon the product.

If you want to jump into this market, I recommend you find products that are currently in trend. The upcoming or current trend in jewelry affects this category a lot. 

14. Health Supplements

  • Vitamins

This niche under health supplements and vitamin sell a lot on eBay. The average price ranges between $10-$15, and this category's sell-through rate is relatively high. 

Under Vitamins, you can find vitamins that target specific health problems like skin, hair, gut health, etc. 

Although this category has many listings, you can still find success in targeting niche items.

  • Supplements

The market for supplements is vast on eBay. Though the number of listings for this category is only around 100K, it has a very high sell-through rate. 

Supplements under this category include supplements for health issues like anxiety, thyroid, blood pressure, problems related to weight and diet, etc. 

The specific niche under this category that dominates the market on eBay is supplements for weight management and diet. This niche is not very competitive; if you target it right, you can succeed under this category.

The average selling price is between $15-$20, and if you include herbal, organic products in your listings, your sales can boom. 

15. Perfumes 

The Perfumes market may seem saturated on eBay, but they can still be worth targeting. 

The average price of the items under this category ranges from $25-$30, and they have a very high sell-through rate. You can find a wide range of products under Perfumes and fragrances; it is neverending. Products include high-selling luxury brands like CK, Armani, Versace, and mid-range brands. 

If you choose this product to sell on eBay, you should research the products and their trends well. Competing with existing top sellers can cost you a little, but if you choose your products well under this category, you can make good sales. 

16. Other Best-selling items on eBay

  • Humidifiers

This product’s sales may vary because it is a seasonal product. Still, it is seen that during the October-November months, the sales of Humidifiers increased rapidly. They have a decent sell-through rate, and you can make good profits from it. 

  • Toys

Children and baby toys are among the best-selling categories on eBay. The sales increase rapidly towards holidays, and the category is diverse enough to add new competition. 

  • Camera And Lighting Equipment

Though this might be a saturated market, Cameras and lighting equipment sell crazily on eBay. The products under this category include professional cameras, lighting equipment, camera lens, portable cameras, CCTVs, dash cams, polaroid cams, etc.

There is a good market for these products in both new and used condition. Retail arbitrage under this category is a popular method of selling.

  • Musical instruments and gears

This is another competitive market, but musical instruments, their parts, and gears have always been the best-selling items on eBay. 

The sales of products under this category rapidly increased after the pandemic. From professional to mid-range instruments for beginners, the diverse range of products under this category can be profitable. 


The best-selling items on eBay change almost every day. Customer demands, preferences, and market trends are not steady, and if you are diving in to sell something on eBay: research well. Study the market trends using Google trends and other tools and test the products before listing them on eBay. 

I hope this article helped you, and in case you have any queries, feel free to write to us. For more helpful content, stay tuned!

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