How To Search For Specific Seller On Amazon?

February 16, 2023

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As compared to Walmart and other marketplace amazon is very transparent with its data which is available to most buyers or sellers on amazon. Though finding a specific seller on amazon isn't easy if you don't have paid tools like SearchScout or Helium10 which can give you all details of a specific seller on amazon through just a name search.

But if you are looking for free ways to find a specific seller, then here we have multiple different methods to find the seller and amazon seller lookup.

Amazon has a very comprehensive search engine for products and amazon seller lookup  won't be difficult without little effort. But if you are someone who is a seller on amazon and looking for competitors' data then we suggest using paid apps, which can save you a lot of time and a cumbersome process.

1. Using Amazon Search Bar


Step 1: Open on your browser.

And then you can directly search for the seller's name on amazon's search bar located on the top as shown in the pic above, or you can search by the product name which your seller sells.

If you know the product name that your seller sells, then you can start by directly inputting it into the search bar product name and searching for similar products on amazon.

Step 2: After that, you need to open the product page and go to the right-hand bar where you will find all the sellers selling those products as shown below in the picture.

From there you can open the seller's details and click on his name, and check the seller's storefront to find all the products that a specific seller sells.

Here you can find all the specific sellers details you need.


2. Directly Inputting Sellers Store Name In Search Bar


The majority of the times' amazon seller's name on amazon is the same as its product name unless the product is sold by multiple sellers. For eg. Brand like Apple will most likely have same seller name as Apple unless its sold directly by Amazon.

Step 1: You can directly search for the seller's store name in the search bar on and wait for results to appear.

Step 2: When the merchant or seller is Amazon Featured Seller then that particular seller's name appears on the top of the search results page.

Step 3: Now select the product matches with seller's name. On opening it will take you to product page. On the right hand side as show in the image below, you will see the list of sellers or seller name depending on the number of seller, click on it and it will open seller information.

Step 4: On that page below seller's name you can see the brands storefront. On Opening that you will see all the products on amazon seller's storefront has.

3. Find Seller By Departments

The third method is in which you have to search for the seller through various departments. If it's confusing, then I have detailed guide for you below.

This method works perfectly if you don't recollect the name of the amazon seller you are searching for or are not sure of the sellers product name.

In that case search for the item you are searching for in the amazon search engine's search bar, put product lets say Printer. When the amazon search seller

Step 1: Go to, and click on three bars as show below in the image. Which will open new menu as below.

Step 2: From there go to shop by department, where in you can go to the particular category of product you need or you need to find seller.

Rest of the steps are same as above.

For this you have to go to the link on the left sidebar which says "Shop by Department"

4. Using Paid Tools Like SearchScout:

Apart from helium10 , this is the most powerful tool when you are looking for seller using its brand name or seller name or even product name. It provides you with extreme in-depth knowledge on how to find a specific seller and all its details.

This is one of my most favorite tools when it comes to searching for which seller makes how much sales and from which product. What is the product mix that the seller is using to achieve his sales numbers.

I have also attached a very detailed guide in the video on how to use SearchScout for best results in finding sellers and their sales numbers.

Steps to Search with SearchScout:

Step 1: Go to search seller page

Step 2: search for the sellers with either seller location, sales, or even directly by just putting seller or brand name . And you will get exact details of the seller.

Step 3: if you wish to explore the storefront you can click on the page marked to take you to the seller's storefront on amazon.

Step 4: Now you can also click on the seller's product to find out where his traffic comes from, does it comes from different products or directly from an amazon search.

Also if you are planning to bundle the products, or if the product is in demand with another product that can be bundled together.

This works in multiple amazon marketplaces, UK, EU as well as India.

If you have further queries feel free to message us, we are happy to help you the same.

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