Do You Need Original Packing To Return To Amazon?

February 16, 2023

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You can return most products on Amazon without any hassle. The process is simple, and you need original packing for all items. But you can make request if you have lost original packing. Also its not necessary that original packing has to be in crisp condition. 

Also Amazon will take the return within 30 days of delivery. However, there are some products that are not eligible for returns. 

Amazon Product Returns Accepted & Not Accepted List

Returns can be a hassle. This is especially true when you have lost the original packaging and labels of the product you wish to return.  

But, should that be a problem?

While you are shopping online, a lot of things can go wrong. The fit could be harmful, the product could be entirely different from the images, a defect, and the list can go on and on.


Do you need the original packaging to return to Amazon?

Yes, you can. The long answer- we will discuss in detail here. 

Essentially the answer depends on what kind of product you are returning

When you are returning on Amazon, it is important that you know that Amazon's return policy applies to most products that are sold on Amazon. 

These return policies are not very complicated, but there are many misconceptions regarding these policies. 

You can return most products on Amazon without any hassle. The process is simple, and you shouldn't worry too much if you read about them. 

If you have an order number, Amazon will take the return within 30 days of delivery. However, there could be some products which are not eligible for returns. 

However, Amazon Return Policy is not always applicable to all products across its platform. These policies are subject to the seller. So, if the seller does not accept returns and refunds, Amazon's Return Policy cannot override it. 

You may be able to get a replacement in case of a defective product, but returns would not be possible. I always recommend checking the returns policy before ordering.

In this article, I will discuss all kinds of returns and refund policies at amazon. This article will help you clear any misconceptions about the Return Policies of Amazon and answer all your questions regarding them. So, let's begin!

Amazon Returns Checklist

Amazon Returns Checklist

 Conditions for making a return on Amazon

Returning to Amazon is not a very long and complex procedure. Amazon tries its best to make it as hassle-free as possible. But there are some conditions you need to keep in mind before returning to Amazon. Different conditions may apply to different products, and you will have a different resolution to your issue. 

Let us first begin with understanding the different conditions of Return on Amazon. 


  • Standard 30-day return policy 

Amazon has a Standard Return policy that applies to most of the products on the platform. Under this policy, you can return your order within 30 days of the delivery. 

An essential condition of this policy is that the order items are only eligible for return if they are in their original, unused condition. If they are washed, resized or altered in any way, a return would not be possible. 

If your order weighs less than 50 pounds and is eligible for returns under the Amazon policy, you have a minimum of one free return on your product. 


  • Third-party sellers

Amazon policies apply to the millions of products available on its platform. Most items sold directly by Amazon or fulfilled by it have the Standard policy of Returns. 

However, some sellers on Amazon may not allow the Standard Policy to be applied to them. In this case, your product may not be eligible for returns. 

The Return policy on such products or items will be by the Amazon Business Third-Party Seller. Such policies may not allow you to return the product and get a refund. They may offer you a replacement for their product or any other resolution that could be done without an actual return and refund.


  • Non-returnable items

Some products on Amazon are not eligible for returns at all. If you are looking to return an item without the original packaging and labels, here are some products that you cannot return


  • Collectible Coins

Collectible coins sold on Amazon come with documentation and are packaged by the Government. You cannot place a return of these collectible coins without the original labels, packaging and documentation of authenticity. These collectible coins are graded and packed by the Government, and if you lose their original documents, a return would not be possible.


  • Electronic Devices 

Electronic devices like Amazon Kindles, laptops, desktops and other devices that have exceeded the 30- day return policy are not eligible for returns. 


  • Missing Serial Number

Products with missing UPC or serial numbers are not eligible for returns. If you were delivered a product with a missing Serial Number or UPC, I suggest you contact the Amazon Customer Care service. 


  • Other non-returnable products

Some other category products cannot be returned on Amazon in any case. 

  • These items include downloadable software delivered directly with a code, open software, prepaid game cards and phone care products, online subscriptions or any digital product from the Amazon Appstore. 
  • Live insects, fresh flowers and live plants cannot be returned either. Flammable or hazardous materials that contain such flammable gasses or liquids are not eligible to return. 
  • Some products with international shipping restrictions are non-returnable. Grocery items ordered from Amazon do not qualify for Returns on Amazon either. 
  • Apart from these, some personal care products or healthcare products, certain types of jewelry may not be eligible for Returns.
  • Kindle Books and other educational resources bought in a digital format can be returned within seven days from the date of purchase. 
  • If you have a refurbished product, the return policy of such a product will depend on the seller, and you can check the same on the Product Details Page on Amazon. 

Most products that do not qualify to be returned on Amazon, you get a reasonable refund or replacement policy. However, these are only applicable when there is a genuine manufacturing defect on the product. You can report such damaged or defective products on Amazon, and they will initiate the appropriate procedure.


How do you return a product on amazon?

How to return Amazon Products?

Returning to Amazon is an easy process. Here are a few simple steps that you need to follow to return a product on Amazon. 

Step 1: 

Open your Amazon App or website and go to the Orders section.

Step 2: 

Scroll and select the product you wish to return. On the side of the product, you will see an option to "Return or Replace".

Step 3: 

A message indicating the return will pop up on your screen. The item is not eligible for a return if there is no pop-up message. You can check more details of the product's return policy under the Products Details page. 

Step 4:

Choose the option of Return or Replacement, as you wish to do. If you were delivered a defective or damaged product, you could get an easy Replacement for the product. If this option is unavailable, then contact Amazon Customer Service. 

But, if you want a Refund for the product, you can request that. 

Step 5:

Select the reason for the return. Amazon gives you several reasons to choose from. 

Step 6:

Next, Amazon will ask you to select a location for the drop-off. You can return the product at this drop-off location. 

Step 7:

After you have added a drop-off location, Amazon will send a QR code to you. 

Step 8:

To return the product, you must go to the Drop-off location and show the given QR code. You don't have to pay for shipping; your product will be returned quickly.


How to return a product without original packaging?

The above method of returning a product can be used when you have the original packaging and labels. However, the process is a little different in case you need to return a product without the original packaging. You will need to print a Return label given by Amazon and return the package to an Amazon Associate.

Here is how you can do that:

Step 1:  

Log in to your Amazon Account and go to the Orders section.

Step 2:

Select the order you want to return and choose "Return or Replace".

Step 3: 

A drop-down menu will appear with reasons for your return. Choose the one that suits you the best. 

Step 4: 

A resolution page will appear where you can choose what kind of return you want. You can select an option between refund or replacement. If your product is eligible for a return, your request for a Return will be submitted. 

Step 5:

The seller will review your request, and it will be approved accordingly. This usually takes about 1-2 business days. You can contact support if you don't get any response within this time. 

Step 6:

Once the seller approves your return request, you get an email from the Returns Center from Amazon. The email provided you with the Return Authorization and a Return Label. You need to print both of these and attach them to your return package. 

If you have multiple packages for return, do not combine the return labels or the packages. 

The email would also have some instructions for the return. You must follow these instructions correctly, or your return may be rejected. 


What should I do if I lose the Packaging slip?

 It is a popular misconception that you cannot return your Amazon package if you've lost the packaging slip. However, Amazon policies are very clear that you can make the return with the order number.

If you have lost the packaging slip, you can request Amazon to generate a Return Label for your order. You can print that Return label and drop off your return package at the selected address. 

To do this, follow the steps below-

  1. On your Amazon app or website, go to "Your Orders".
  2. Scroll down to select the order you wish to return.
  3. From the drop-down menu beside the order, select "View Invoice". 
  4. Print this invoice


When can I return my Amazon Package? 

The standard Return Policy applies to most products on Amazon and gives you 30 days to make a return or a replacement. The time limit of the returns also depends on the seller. Some sellers offer only seven days, within which you have to make a return or replacement. 

However, this does not apply to all products. There are some products on Amazon that give you 90 Days to make a return. The products that come under the scope of the 90 days return policy are discussed below:

  1. Amazon Warehouse Products
  2. Baby Items on Amazon
  3. Baby Registry Gifts have a return period of 1 year
  4. Amazon Renewed Products 
  5. Amazon Renewed Premium Products have a return period of 1 year
  6. Gift products bought from your Amazon Gift List
  7. Amazon Prime Custom Gift


Does Amazon charge for returns?

The best thing is amazon doesn't charge for returns. All returns are free if returned within 30 days and if they are eligible for returns. During the holiday season, amazon increases the return period to up to 90 days. Amazon charging for returns if you exceed the free return period of 30 days or 90 days as applicable.

And they should weigh less than 50 lbs or 22.45 kg.

Is there any option to modify the return details of an Amazon order?

You can edit and modify the details of an order before placing a return request. But once the return request is created and is under process, you cannot edit or modify it.  

If you need to modify the details, you can cancel your existing request and place a new one. However, if you do not want to make a new request, you can contact Amazon Support and try to get the details modified through them. But this wouldn't always work. 


I hope this article helped you and all your issues about returning a product on Amazon are resolved. There might be a situation where you are not sure if the return policy applies to your order or not. In such cases, it is better that you check the product details page and the official return policy. But you don't need to go through all that hassle. I have covered most of the conditions under the Amazon Returns. For any more questions, please write to us!

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