How To Delete Your Amazon Order History: A Step-by-Step Guide

February 18, 2023

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Having a record of your Amazon orders can be both helpful and problematic. On one hand, it allows you to keep track of what you have purchased in the past, but on the other hand, some people may not want their purchase history to be visible for various reasons.

Having said that, as a buyer you cannot delete order history on Amazon, but what you can do is archive your amazon order history so that it disappears from yours order list.

Additionally, we'll also look at troubleshooting any common issues that arise when attempting to delete or manage an Amazon order history.

Understanding Amazon Order History

What is an Amazon Order History?

An Amazon order history is a record of all the orders you have placed on the platform. It includes information such as the date and time of purchase, product details, payment method used, shipping address, and any other relevant data associated with your purchase. This information can be accessed through your account settings or by searching for it in the search bar.

Benefits of Keeping an Amazon Order History

Keeping track of your Amazon order history can be beneficial in many ways. For starters, it allows you to keep track of what products you’ve purchased so that you don’t accidentally buy something twice or forget about a product altogether. Additionally, if there are ever any issues with a particular item or shipment, having access to this detailed record makes resolving them much easier and faster. Finally, having access to this data also helps protect against fraudulent activity since it provides evidence that certain purchases were made legitimately from your account.

How to Access Your Amazon Order History

Accessing your order history is easy; simply log into your account

Step 1: Go to

Step 2:  And Simply "Sign In" to your account

Sign In into Amazon Account

Step 3:  Navigate to “Returns & Orders” or in the top right corner menu bar on desktop devices or tap “Orders” within the mobile app menu bar on mobile devices (Android/iOS).

Step 4: Here you will find a list of all past orders along with their respective status.You can also filter these results based on specific criteria such as date range or product type using the available drop-down menus at the top left corner of each page viewable after selecting “Your Orders".

Step 5: Browse the order which you wish to disappear. And click on "Archive Order"

Confirm in next step and the order will disappear from your orders. 

Also, there are time when you will wish to delete all the amazon browsing history so that the products which you searched for do not appear. 

How to delete browsing history from Amazon: 

Step 1: Go to and select "Browsing History" from drop down of "Account & List"

Step 2: You can click on "Remove All Items From View" , which will clear all your browing history.

Note: If you don't want any browsing history you can toggle "on/off" and it will stop recording your products browsing history

Step 3: Confirm that you wish to "Remove All Items from View"

This will eliminate all your browsing history. 

Key Takeaway

Keeping an Amazon order history can be beneficial in many ways. It allows you to keep track of what products you’ve purchased, makes resolving issues with a product or shipment easier and faster, and helps protect against fraudulent activity. Accessing your order history is easy; simply log into your account and navigate to “Your Orders” under “Account & Lists”.

Deleting Your Amazon Order History

There are a few reasons why you may want to delete your Amazon order history. One reason is if you don’t want others to know what items you have purchased in the past. Another reason could be that you don’t need or use the information anymore and would like to free up space on your account.

Reasons for Deleting Your Amazon Order History:

If you're looking for more privacy, deleting your Amazon order history can help keep sensitive information from being shared with other people who may have access to your account. Additionally, it can also help prevent unwanted marketing emails or ads based on previous purchases.

Before deleting any orders from your history, consider potential consequences such as not being able to track shipments or return items easily in case something goes wrong with them later on down the line. Additionally, some third-party sellers may require proof of purchase before they process refunds or exchanges so make sure that all relevant documents are saved elsewhere prior to deletion just in case.

Deleting your Amazon order history can be a risky move and may have unintended consequences, so it is important to consider the alternatives before making this decision. The next section will discuss some of these alternatives that allow you to maintain privacy without deleting your order history.

Key Takeaway

Deleting your Amazon order history can provide more privacy and prevent unwanted marketing emails or ads. To do so, log into your account and select the item(s) you would like to remove from “Your Orders” page. Before deleting any orders, consider potential consequences such as not being able to track shipments or return items easily in case something goes wrong with them later on down the line.

Alternatives to Deleting Your Amazon Order History

It is important to understand that deleting your Amazon order history is not the only option available. There are other alternatives that can help you keep your personal information secure while still allowing you to access and review past orders.

Hiding or Archiving Orders in Your Account Settings

One alternative to deleting your Amazon order history is hiding or archiving orders in your account settings. This allows you to hide certain orders from view, but they will still be accessible if needed. To do this, log into your Amazon account and select “Your Orders” from the menu on the left side of the page. From there, select “Archive Order” next to any order you would like to hide from view. You can also use this feature when returning an item so it does not appear in future searches for returns or refunds.

Removing Personal Information from Your Orders

Another way of keeping your personal information secure without deleting all of your order history is removing personal information from individual orders before viewing them publicly. To do this, go back into “Your Orders” and click on each individual order one at a time until you find the one with sensitive information attached (such as name, address, phone number). Once located, simply delete those pieces of data before sharing it with anyone else who may need access such as customer service representatives or potential buyers/sellers online through third-party sites like eBay or Craigslist.

Although deleting your Amazon order history is not possible, there are other options available to help you manage and protect it. Next, we'll look at some tips for managing and protecting your Amazon order history.

Tips for Managing and Protecting Your Amazon Order History

Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication on Your Account:

It is important to set up two-factor authentication on your Amazon account. This adds an extra layer of security and helps protect your order history from unauthorized access.

To enable two-factor authentication, go to the “Your Account” page and 

select “2-Step Verification” under the “Login & Security” section. 

Step 3: In login & Security , scroll down to "2-Step Verfication" and go to "Manage"

From there, you can choose a method for verifying your identity when logging in such as entering a code sent via text message or using an authenticator app like Google Authenticator or Authy.

When making purchases through third-party sellers on Amazon, it is important to review their policies before completing the transaction. Some third parties may have different return policies than Amazon itself, so it is essential to be aware of these before buying anything from them. Additionally, some sellers may not provide detailed information about their products which could lead to issues with returns or refunds if something goes wrong with the purchase. Therefore, it is important to read all seller policies carefully before committing to any purchase in order to be fully informed and protected in case of any problems later on.

By taking the necessary steps to protect and manage your Amazon order history, you can ensure that your purchases are safe and secure. In the next section, we'll discuss troubleshooting common issues with deleting or managing orders on Amazon.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Deleting or Managing Your Amazon Order History

Dealing with Errors When Trying to Delete or Manage Orders: It is not uncommon for errors to occur when trying to delete or manage orders in your Amazon order history. These errors can range from a simple typo, such as entering the wrong order number, to more complex issues like an expired payment method. In any case, it is important to double-check all information before attempting any changes and contact customer service if needed.

If you are unable to delete or manage your orders on your own, then it may be necessary to contact Amazon’s customer service team for assistance. You can reach out via phone call, email, live chat support or even through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It is important to have all relevant information handy when contacting them so they can help resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.


In conclusion, understanding and managing your Amazon order history is an important part of selling on Amazon. It's essential to know how to delete your Amazon order history if you need to protect your privacy or comply with certain regulations. However, there are alternatives that can help you keep track of orders without having to delete them permanently. With the right tips and troubleshooting strategies, you can ensure that deleting or managing your Amazon order history is a smooth process.

Remember: when it comes to protecting yourself while selling on Amazon, knowing how to delete amazon order history is key!

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