How to Contact Seller on Amazon and Amazon Seller Support?

February 16, 2023

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1. Through Buyer Seller Messages:

This works when you have previously contacted the seller or if the seller has messaged you and you wish to reply to the seller message.

Also, you can use this to contact amazon directly if they have sent messages to you earlier.


Steps if using Browser:

1. Go to, and click login to your account page.

2. After that, visit your Account page as highlighted below in the image

3. On the Account page, you will find various icons and names. Click on Your Messages as shown in the image

4. This will take you to the message center; in there, click on buyer-seller messages, and choose the message you wish to reply to. Once done, wait for the reply from the seller.

Steps if using Amazon Buyer App:

  1. Go to the amazon app, login into your account
  2. On the bottom as shown in the image, click on the profile icon

3. Then on the top left corner, you will find "Your Account" as shown in the image below; you can click on that

4. In your account, scroll down to "email alerts, messages", in that, click on "message center"

5. From the message center, click on "buyer seller messages" now you can reply or contact a seller on amazon

2. Contact the seller before buying the product

The other way is when you wish to contact the seller before buying the product, which can be for various reasons. Including trying to know more about the product.

This method is to contact the seller from product listing page.

In that case, you have to:

  1. Go to the product listing page
  2. Click on the sellers name next to sold by, there can be multiple third party sellers

3. Choose the seller you plan to buy from and contact that seller

4. It will take you to the sellers storefront page, click on " ask a question"

5. It will take you to "Seller messaging assistant"

6. In "seller messaging assistant," you have to choose the reason for your query, and then you can ask your question, as shown in the image below.

3. Contacting the seller after buying the product


If you have already placed an order or purchased the product from amazon. and wish to contact the seller, then you can use this to contact sellers from the orders page.

  1. Go to and login into your account.
  2. On the amazon home page, click on "returns and orders"

If on amazon app you can click on the three equal lines to the bottom right corner and select "your orders"

3. Search for the product order you have an issue with,

4. Click the yellow button which says "problem with order" or "get help with order" button; either one will be visible depending on if the third-party seller is yet to deliver your order

5. Then follow the prompts to either return or replace or to ask a question to the seller about the product.

If your order has been delivered to you and if you wish to return or replace or refund the product, then you can use this method to contact the seller.

You can also use the "leave seller feedback" button after the product has been delivered to you to provide a rating to the seller, which would be publicly visible. It will be available up to 90 days after the product is delivered.

Key Takeaway

If third-party seller handles his own shipping, then you will get the “get help with order” button for that specific seller on amazon.

When should you contact a seller on amazon?

The following can be reasons to contact the seller or amazon seller support:

  1. If you need help with your product you purchased
  2. When you have questions about a product or listing page
  3. If you wish to return your order
  4. If you have issue with product warranty or need replacement
  5. If you have questions about the product before buying it
  6. if you want to provide seller feedback


What Is Amazon Seller Support?

Amazon seller support is one which helps sellers on amazon to help solve their issues. Where as amazon customer support is for buyer and to help them with their quriers on the orders.

What Is The Amazon Seller Central Phone Number?

Amazon seller central , which is for amazon sellers has no direct contact number or helpline number you need to approach them with seller central dashboard.

What are the alternate ways if you want to communicate with sellers of amazon after 90 days?

If more than 90 days have passed, then you can contact the seller by going to product page. If that doesn't work for you and you cant find the seller. Then you can directly contact the brand by going to brand page of that product. And request for support for your product if it has any issues.

You can also go to this link to see how to find seller's name on amazon.

What if you don’t receive response from amazon seller?

You need to wait at least 24-48 hours after contacting the seller on amazon, to get a response. If you don't get response from the seller for the product you ordered you can contact the amazon customer support

What if seller is not able to resolve the concern?

If seller is not able to resolve your query, you can always ask the question about product on the product listing page. If not you can contact the amazon team to help solve your query. Or you can directly search for brand website on google and try contacting brand directly.

What if Amazon customer support is not able to solve the problem with order?

Then you can ask the other customers on product listing page for the solution or the seller of the product.

What should I include when contacting amazon customer service?

You don't need to include any details when contacting amazon customer service, since they have already access to your account. But you would need to include product details if asked and your order number to smoothen up the process.

What should be included in my message to the seller?

Your order number and date you ordered the item, when messaging the third party seller.

How to get a response from the seller?

You should typically wait up to 48 hours for seller to respond to your messages. If that doesn't happen you can contact amazon for refund or replacement.

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