Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

February 16, 2023

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While ordering on Amazon, you might wonder this- does Amazon deliver orders on a Sunday? 

The answer is yes, it does deliver on Sunday. But there are a few restrictions applicable on the deliveries made on Sunday.

Amazon deliveries on Sunday but only to selected cities and rural areas. Therefore, the Sunday delivery option of Amazon is applicable only to certain ZIP codes. 

The orders for one-day shipping are not applicable for deliveries on Sunday. However, if you have a prime membership, you can get two-day shipping with delivery on Sunday.

There is more to it and we will discuss all of it in the article. From delivery cut-off times to different shipping options applicable for delivery on Sunday, we will cover everything!

Let’s start by getting to know what places get Amazon Deliveries on Sunday.

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday to you?

Amazon Delivery on Sundays or Weekends is not for all places across the country. It is limited to certain selected ZIP Codes. These codes are available on Amazon's Website. 

If your ZIP Code is on the list, then you can enjoy the benefits of Weekend Delivery. However, if your ZIP code is not covered under this policy, then you can avail of the one-day shipping option by Amazon to get your order as soon as possible. 

Amazon’s fast delivery options will never disappoint you. So, if you need something at the earliest, you don’t need to worry about waiting for the order for too long. 

How does Amazon deliver on a Sunday?

One of the big reasons why people prefer Amazon is its supremely fast delivery services. From same-day delivery to delivering even on weekends, Amazon never fails to impress its customer with the speed of its deliveries. 

But, how is Amazon so fast in its deliveries? 

It isn’t very complicated.

Amazon contracts with Retail giants across locations to make a network of distribution centers. This network is further strengthened by Amazon’s own infrastructure and logistics which come together to help Amazon in accessing more people. This way Amazon can provide faster and more efficient delivery options. 

The process isn’t that complicated. 

With a huge network of warehouses or fulfillment centers, Amazon Warehouse employees pack the shipments on large trucks which transport them to Amazon’s Site. From here, Amazon’s dedicated aircraft take them to another Amazon Center where these shipments are sorted and sent to different delivery stations according to their delivery ZIP Codes.

After reaching the Delivery Station, the packages are assigned to Amazon Delivery Agents who bring them to your doorstep. Though this process may sound very long, it happens so regularly that the system maintains the chain of fast deliveries by Amazon. 

Amazon also uses UPS or USPS to help them get their products to Fulfillment Centers faster. The GPS tracking system on Amazon delivery vehicles helps in selecting the faster route to ensure these packages are not unnecessarily delayed. 

Amazon has put a lot of effort into making a clean, fast and efficient delivery system. This shows in the trust customers put in Amazon for delivering on time. 

Who handles Amazon Deliveries on Sundays or Weekends?

Most people don’t even bother noticing that their products are delivered on Sunday. The deliveries have become very normal and ordinary. 

However, you might wonder who handles these deliveries on Sundays or weekends. 

It isn’t a special team employed by Amazon but the regular Amazon workers including Warehouse workers, delivery agents, etc. that work on Sunday to deliver your orders on time. Their shift depends on the demand and quantity of products to be delivered. 

The deliveries are typically finished before noon after which the agents and workers have to go back to the Warehouse. After this, they sort and prep the shipments for the next week.

Does Prime membership offer Sunday Delivery?

Prime membership comes with a lot of benefits and offers. You get free shipping across the platform, Prime Video, and superfast delivery on packages. 

Prime members get a lot of different delivery options including same-day delivery. If you are wondering whether your prime subscription includes Sunday deliveries then you don’t have to worry. It does.

With the Prime Subscription, you get free deliveries even on Sundays. If you want to get the order delivered on Sunday, you can select the “Sunday Delivery” option. it while placing your order from Amazon. 

If you select this option, then your order will be delivered on the upcoming Sunday. You can use your prime membership if you want a product delivered on Sunday or if you need something quickly over the weekend. 


Can you track your order for Sunday Delivery?

You can track your order anytime, any day. 

Once you receive the tracking number for your order, you can track your order directly on the website/app of Amazon or the shipping partner of Amazon. 

This is applicable to all orders placed on Amazon. You can access the tracking information at any time after placing the order.

If you are unable to fetch your tracking details, or your order tracking is not displayed on Amazon, you can contact customer service of Amazon


How to check if your area is eligible for Sunday Delivery?

If you need something delivered to you on Sunday or if your delivery date is clashing with a weekend, it is better you check the eligibility of your area for a Sunday Delivery. 

There are two ways in which you can check if your area is covered under Weekend or Sunday Deliveries.

You can go to the official website of amazon and enter your area’s ZIP Code in the search bar. If your area is eligible for deliveries on Sunday there will be a message on the screen saying- “We deliver on Sundays.”

If you cannot figure out the eligibility using this method or your area code does not work on the search bar, you can contact the Customer Service Department of Amazon/ The Customer Service representative will check and let you know if you are eligible for deliveries on Sunday or not. 


When does Amazon deliver on a Sunday?

Normally deliveries are made between 9 AM to 8 PM. However, the delivery to your location may vary according to its distance from the Amazon Delivery station and demand. Some ZIP codes can have different delivery times than others. 

In rural areas, deliveries are made in the late afternoon rather than in the morning. This is because the delivery services are limited and are located far from the delivery stations. 

Amazon begins to make its deliveries at 6 am and the deliveries end at 10 PM. Although this time might be different for weekends. 

On weekends, especially Sundays, Amazon may deliver your order late morning or early afternoon. 

If the US Postal service is delivering your Amazon order, then it can reach you faster. The USPS delivery times are different than Amazon. So, you can expect your package to come before 6 PM.

However, you may not get deliveries on Sunday with USPS as they deliver on very limited days. You can check Amazon’s website for more information regarding this. 

Do I need to pay extra for a Sunday Delivery?

The standard shipping charges apply and you don’t need to pay anything extra for getting your package delivered your Sunday.

Shipping charges are calculated according to the weight of the order, its size, and the delivery location. This means that packages that are heaving in size, larger, or both may have a higher delivery fee.

Shipping packages to certain locations, like Hawaii or Alaska, can have some additional shipping charges. This is due to limited logistics and delivery services in these locations. 

If you are a prime member, delivery charges won’t apply to most products. You also get faster delivery options. Sunday deliveries are included in these fast delivery options and you don’t need to pay any additional cost. 


How to get an Amazon order delivered on Sunday only?


If you are not available to take your orders on the weekdays or you want your order to arrive on weekends only, there is an option for you. 

While checking out the item, you will see an option for Sunday delivery. Alternatively, if you order an item on Friday or Saturday morning/afternoon, and select same-day delivery, you can get your order on Sunday. This is an excellent option for prime members. 

But before you make an order, make sure your area is eligible for deliveries on Sunday. 


Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Does Amazon ever stop Delivering?

Amazon deliveries generally start from 8 AM and go on till 10 PM. The deliveries stop after 10 PM. This can vary on weekends and public holidays. 

Does Amazon deliver on Sunday if you have an Amazon Locker?

Amazon may deliver Amazon locker orders on weekends. Amazon delivers to the Lockers only during normal working hours. The weekends are also included in this but it can vary. 

If deliveries are taking place on Sunday then your order can get delivered on Sunday. Since I can’t say this for sure, you can call customer support at Amazon and ask if your product can be delivered to your Locker on a Sunday. 

What days Amazon does not Deliver? Does Amazon deliver on Christmas day or new years day?

Amazon does not deliver on a few public holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s day, etc. On these days, Amazon will not deliver or pick up orders. 

If you are placing an order that clashes with the days that Amazon does deliver, then Amazon will automatically assign you a delivery date before or after these holidays. 


In the end

So, does Amazon deliver on Sunday? The short answer is yes and I have already discussed the long answer. 

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world right now. Most people prefer Amazon because of its amazingly fast delivery services. You can get anything off Amazon and get it delivered to your location faster than any other online retailer. 

If you are a Prime member, then things get easier for you. You can get a free shipping option across locations and this includes getting free one-day or two-day shipping. 

I hope all your questions were answered and now you don’t have any doubts regarding Amazon delivery schedules. If you still have some questions, feel free to drop your query in the email and we will get it sorted out in no time!

Stay tuned for more such content!


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