Can You Trust Just-Launched Sellers on Amazon?

February 16, 2023

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Amazon is a trusted, reliable option for millions of customers worldwide. However, only some sellers on it are reliable. But how do you trust a seller?

Mostly you see customer feedback and reviews and make your decision. The real issue comes with sellers you are just launched. 

Can you trust a just-launched seller? 

Well, it depends. Not all sellers are reliable, but not all are scammers. It is always a risk, but you can look for particular things to help you identify these scammers on Amazon.  

I will discuss these red flags in this article so let’s dig in!

Who is a just-launched seller on Amazon

“Just-launched” sellers are third-party sellers with no reviews or ratings on their listings because they have recently started selling on Amazon. 

Generally, you check for quality and authenticity when buying anything online. You and I do that by checking customer reviews, ratings, and feedback, especially on platforms like Amazon. 

The reason for skepticism is valid while buying from a just-launched seller. If there is no rating or customer feedback on a seller’s product page, how can you trust the product’s quality?

We will cover everything related to this further in this article. But first, let’s answer the main question.

Can you trust just-launched sellers? 

Just because a seller does not have many or no reviews, it does not mean that they are fake or unreliable. Generally, you can trust a just-launched seller on Amazon. 

They may be less experienced or rather less established than the more significant sellers who have been selling on Amazon for some time and have a lot of reviews. But otherwise, you shouldn’t worry too much about going forward and buying from the new sellers. 

The reason is that these amazon sellers come under the ambit of the Amazon marketplace and therefore are covered under the Amazon Pay A-to-Z Guarantee. So, this guarantee will protect you even if you get a defective product or if your seller attempts to scam you.

I will discuss the details of this Amazon Guarantee in detail in this article, so if you are ordering anything from a just-launched seller on Amazon, you know your rights!


Does Amazon Guarantee anything for the new sellers?

Yes, Amazon protects all customers from receiving anything defective or scammed on the platform. So, you can order a product that has no reviews or ratings on them without any hesitation. 

This guarantee protects basic consumer rights. So, if you receive a product completely different from what you ordered or manufacturing defects, you have a resolution. 

Some terms and conditions are applicable under guarantee, which make a customer or product eligible to avail of this guarantee. You must go through these conditions if you buy something with no reviews. 

Terms and Conditions of Amazon Pay A-to-Z

Amazon offers the Pay A-to-Z guarantee to protect customers from getting poor quality, defective products from its platform.

The primary condition for this guarantee is that the product bought on Amazon from a third-party seller should have some manufacturing defect or be damaged during delivery. Alternatively, if you receive a product different from the product description of the item you ordered, you can avail of this guarantee. 

 There is another condition: if the seller fails to deliver the product beyond its estimated delivery date, you will be covered under this guarantee. 

If you return the product to the seller and the seller fails to process the refund, you can avail of this guarantee. 

In any of the above cases, you can apply for the Amazon Guarantee, and you will get a resolution in no time. Suppose the problem with your product is more complicated and does not fit in the above conditions. In that case, you can contact Amazon Customer Support to check whether you are eligible for a return, refund, or exchange. 

One good thing about buying from Amazon and the reason why Amazon is trusted so much is that even in the worst-case scenarios, you will get a replacement for your product. If there is any fault on the seller's side, you will get a resolution from Amazon. 


How to apply for an Amazon Guarantee?

It is easy to apply for this guarantee, given that you have tried to resolve it with the seller first. In most cases, sellers offer a refund or replacement of their product if you have any problem with it. 

However, if you tried to contact the seller and were waiting for a response from them within two days or more, you can directly apply for the Amazon Pay A-to-Z Guarantee. You don’t have to pay extra charges and submit a claim for a guarantee in a few quick and easy steps. 

To do this, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Go to your Amazon Account and find the order that has an issue. You can find the order under “your Orders” under the Accounts section on the Amazon App or Website.
  • Step 2. Choose the order, and you will see an option of “Problem with Order.” 

3. When you select this, you will see a list of issues. 

4. Select the one that applies to your case and click “Return or Replace Item.” And Select reason for the same.

5. Put your comments on the comments section if needed or you can leave it blank.

6. Select if you want exact replace or refund. And click continue which will take you to confirmation and await for resolution. 


7. If your claim is valid and Amazon accepts it, you will get a refund reflected in your account in 3-5 business days

8. You can contact the Amazon Customer Support Team regarding any other resolution if it is denied or rejected. 

Generally, the processing of an application can take 2-3 business days, but it varies from case to case. If you need any help regarding it, Amazon Support Team will assist you. 


Things to consider before trusting a Just-launched Seller


“Prevention is better than cure.”

While we all say, “Amen to that!” I would like to keep your most basic concern to the table. 

 Why even go through all the trouble? Shouldn’t you know which sellers to trust and which to not?

Well, your concern is entirely valid. Amazon is not just a good seller; following Amazon's terms and policies and doing its job. 

There are a lot of scammers. So, I collected some pointers that will help you stay away from these shady sellers and keep from getting scammed. 


Sellers that are too good to be true

If you are buying from a seller who is just launched, the product page of the item you are planning on purchasing is significant.

If the seller sells the product at a lower price than the other products in the category, the seller might be a scammer or a fake seller. 

You should look out for deals that seem “too good to be true” and be aware that these deals are more than your usual discounts. 

Such “too-good” deals make the product irresistible, and the scammer benefits from this. Make sure you check the prices of other similar products as well. 


Sellers with bad grammar

Another critical thing to check is the product description and the seller’s page. If there are a lot of grammatical errors and the seller's name seems very suspicious with odd syntax, then the seller is probably unreliable. The seller can be questionable if too many grammatical errors go beyond your usual typo. 

Sellers that take too long to deliver

The delivery date is another thing to check while purchasing from a new seller or someone who needs customer reviews on their page. 

The seller can be a scammer if the estimated delivery is longer than the regular date. 

For example, if the product delivery takes 3-4 weeks, there can be a possibility that the seller is shipping it from China. This can mean that the quality of the product would be better than you expected, or the counterfeit product. So, be sure you analyze the product page for these details correctly. 

Poor Quality Images

Checking the picture's image quality is another pointer to check if the seller is reliable. If the image quality is poor or looks fake/photoshopped in any way, it is a marker that the product and seller are not reliable. You may get a very poor-quality product or a different product altogether. 


Seller Red Flags- How To identify and avoid a fake seller or Scammer


Buying directly from the Brand 

One way to avoid these scammers and get good products is by buying directly from the Brand. This works well if you are buying a branded product. Several sellers, apart from the official brand, often sell the product for a lower price. If you see something like this, we recommend you stick with the authorized seller. 

Checking Prime FBA Stamp

An excellent way to avoid scammers on Amazon and identify which just launched sellers are good is to check for the FBA stamp.

The Fulfilled by Amazon stamp verifies that this particular seller is authentic, and Amazon checks the products. You would rarely find this stamp of approval on just-launched sellers, but it is better to trust the FBA sellers than the others. 

Fake Product Reviews

A big red flag is when the seller is newly launched and already has a lot of reviews. Check for the dates and profiles of these reviewers. If they are posted within days of each other, then they are probably fake. 

To check for the authenticity of reviews, look for the "verified purchase" badge. This way, you will know that these reviews are genuine. 

Suspicious Seller names

Often sellers with odd names and syntax are unreliable. When these sellers are recently launched or have new listings, you should refrain from buying from them. It could be a good possibility that they are scammers or fake sellers. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


Should I trust a new seller on Amazon?

You can trust a newly launched seller on Amazon. Not every new seller on the platform is a scammer but look for a few red flags that can help you identify which ones to trust. 


How do you know if an Amazon seller is legit?

Checking the product description or seller’s page is an important pointer. The seller is probably a scammer if there is a lot of bad grammar, bad quality images, too low prices, fake reviews, etc.


Are there fake sellers on Amazon?

As much as Amazon tries to build checks and policies to prevent shady sellers from entering the marketplace, many still exist on Amazon. The best thing is to make sure you notice the red flags and avoid them as much as possible. 


Will Amazon Refund me if I get scammed?

Amazon offers the Pay A-to-Z guarantee, and you can claim it for any product where it was the seller’s fault or in case the seller has scammed you. 



Amazon is one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms in the world right now. People buy products from Amazon with blind trust in the quality. However, this doesn’t mean you can trust every product and every seller in this big marketplace. 

In this article, I have covered every red flag you should look out for while buying from Amazon. The trick is to identify and avoid scammers instead of finding resolutions later. 

If you have any questions or feedback/suggestions, feel free to write to us! 

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