Best Ways to Create Bundling on Amazon: Detailed Guide

February 16, 2023

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If you want to increase profits on Amazon or Walmart, then bundling is one of the best ways to do that.

You can boost your sales and profit margins by bundling multiple items together while providing customers with an excellent order value proposition.

In this article, I will be covering the benefits of bundling on Amazon, Step by Step Guide to creating bundles, strategies for success as well as some tips for maximizing profits from selling bundles on Amazon.

I will also share my example of how we made $1,00,000 in monthly sales by bundling a wholesale product.

Whether you are new or experienced in selling online, bundle products can be invaluable in increasing revenue!

What is Bundling on Amazon?

Bundling on Amazon is a way to combine multiple products into one listing, which allows customers to purchase them together at a discounted price. This strategy can be used by sellers of all sizes and offers several advantages that make it an attractive option for those looking to boost their sales and profits.

By bundling items together, sellers can offer customers better average order value while also increasing their profit margins.

For example, if you sell pet supplies, you could create a bundle that includes food, toys, and grooming supplies at a discounted rate compared to buying each item separately.


What is a Virtual Bundle?

 A virtual bundle is different from regular amazon bundles. Virtual bundles can be created only by brand owners. Who has a registered brand with Amazon.


Virtual Bundle Vs Regular Bundle listing

1. Regular Bundle: In a regular bundle, you need to create physical product bundling and then dispatch them to amazon.

You also need to create a separate listing for each product bundle, make a separate bundle, and send them to amazon fba.

2. Virtual Bundle: Virtual bundles are available only to Amazon-registered brand owners. Suppose you have two products in Amazon FBA. Then you can create virtual bundles without having to bundle them physically.

Amazon will pull two listings' inventory and combine them. Virtual bundles are great tools for private label sellers.

Virtual bundles cost a little higher since products are dispatched separately, and amazon charges fulfillment fees for each product in the bundle.

Whereas physical bundle products are treated as a single product, they are charged fulfillment fees only for that one Amazon bundle.


You can try out the virtual bundle and then create a separate physical bundle depending on the success of the virtual bundle to save some costs. 

What types of bundles can be done:

There are three main types of bundles available on Amazon:

1) Physical bundles (where multiple physical products are sold together)

2) Digital bundles (where multiple digital files such as ebooks or music tracks are sold together)

3) Subscription-based bundles (where customers pay an ongoing fee for access).

Depending on your business model and product offerings there may be other options available too; so it is important that you do some research before deciding which type(s) best suit your needs.

Calculations to do before creating a bundle (with live example)

Next, let’s look at how to create a bundle on Amazon.

I have personally used bundling lot of times in order increase sales. One example is below, where we bundled most popular selling product on amazon, Meater thermometer with bbq gloves.


Steps for Creating Bundles on Amazon

Quick Tip: Creating product bundle is similar to creating new product listing. You will need new UPC code for that bundle.

How to Create a Bundle on Amazon?

Setting Up Your Bundle Listing: The first step in creating a bundle listing on Amazon is setting up the listing itself. You will need to create a new product page for your bundle and add all of the individual items that make up the bundle.

Be sure to include detailed descriptions of each item, along with high-quality images or videos if possible. Additionally, you should also include any relevant information about the bundle such as discounts or free shipping offers.

Pricing Your Bundle: Once you have set up your listing, it’s time to price your bundle accordingly. Consider factors such as cost of goods sold (COGS), customer demand, competitive pricing strategies, and other market conditions when determining what price point makes sense for your product offering.

It’s important to keep in mind that bundles are typically priced lower than buying each item separately due to their added value proposition so be sure not to overprice yours.

Finally, optimizing your bundle listing for search engines is key in order for potential customers to find it easily online.

Make sure that you use relevant keywords throughout the title and description of your product page so that it appears higher in search.

Additionally, including reviews from past customers can help boost visibility by providing social proof of its quality and effectiveness which may lead to more people discovering it through organic searches online.

Creating a bundle on Amazon can be an effective way to increase sales and visibility for your product.

By utilizing strategies such as cross selling, leveraging customer reviews and ratings, and offering promotions and discounts, you can maximize the success of your bundle listing.

Key Takeaway

Bundling products on Amazon is a great way to increase sales and maximize profits. To do so, create a new product page with detailed descriptions and images, price your bundle accordingly, and optimize it for search engines using relevant keywords


How to Create an Amazon Bundle?

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Bundle:

Step 1: Select the products you want to include in your bundle. Choose related items that complement each other and offer value when purchased together. Consider adding additional accessories or services as well, such as warranties or installation options.

Step 2: Set up the pricing structure for your bundle by determining how much of a discount you will offer compared with purchasing each item separately.

Make sure it’s attractive enough that customers will be willing to buy all of the items in one package instead of individually.

Step 3: Product Images Create product images that show off your bundle’s contents clearly and attractively, so potential buyers can easily see what they are getting if they purchase it from you rather than another seller who may not have bundled their products together yet..

Step 4: Detailed Description: . Write detailed descriptions for each product included in the bundle, highlighting any special features or benefits associated with them when bought as part of this particular package deal only available through you.

Step 5: Marketing: Create promotional materials such as banners or videos featuring your new virtual bundles and post them on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so more people become aware of these great deals.

How to create Amazon Virtual Bundle?

How We Created $1,00,000 in Sales Month Bundle on Amazon

So we identified a product which was top selling and we spoke to the representatives in one of the trade show about our intent to bundle it with one of our well known products. 

The brand didn't allow selling its product being sold on Amazon. But they agreed for bundle.

We used Helium10 to find best selling products. Then we tried to see what customers bought it with online. And realized most people bought bbq gloves with the meater thermometer. 

And when we listed it was hit within few months selling more than the original product. Which made Meater to launch their own bundle with their gloves. 

Tips for Creating an Effective Bundle:

Choosing the Right Products to Bundle Together

When creating a bundle on Amazon, it is important to select products that are complementary and will be attractive to customers. Consider the customer’s needs when selecting items for your bundle.

For example, if you sell electronics, consider bundling together a laptop with an external hard drive or a printer with ink cartridges. It is also important to make sure that all of the products in your bundle are of high quality and from reputable brands.

For that you also have to research similar bundles already being sold on amazon, to know what discounts competitors are offering or are selling good.

Include bonus items such as ebooks, coupons, samples etc., which add extra value without costing anything extra but could make all the difference between someone deciding whether or not they should buy from you over another seller offering something similar but without those extras thrown in too.


Cross Selling and Upselling

Cross selling is a technique used to encourage customers to purchase additional products related to the one they are already buying. For example, if you’re selling a bundle of kitchen utensils, you could suggest that customers also buy an oven mitt or pot holder.

Upselling is similar but involves offering customers more expensive versions of the product they are purchasing. For instance, if someone is buying a basic blender set, you could offer them an upgraded version with extra features for a higher price.

Leveraging Customer Reviews and Ratings

Encouraging customer reviews and ratings can be extremely beneficial when it comes to selling bundles on Amazon.

Positive reviews from satisfied customers will help boost your listing in search results and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

You should also respond promptly to any negative feedback or complaints so that other shoppers know their concerns are being taken seriously.

By following these strategies for selling bundles on Amazon, you can create an effective and profitable product offering that customers will love. Now let's look at some best practices to help ensure your success when selling bundles on Amazon.


Ensuring Quality Control of Your Products

Once you have selected the products for your bundle, it is essential to ensure quality control by thoroughly testing each item before listing them on Amazon.

This includes inspecting each product for any defects or damage as well as making sure they function properly and meet safety standards.

Additionally, make sure all of the components in your bundles are compatible with one another so customers don’t experience any issues after purchasing them.

After ensuring quality control of your products, create an effective product description and image gallery that accurately describes what customers can expect when they purchase your bundle.

Include detailed descriptions about each item included in the bundle along with images that clearly show off their features and benefits. Additionally, use keywords throughout both sections so potential buyers can easily find your listing when searching online for related items.

Key Takeaway

By utilizing best practices for selling bundles on Amazon, you can maximize your profits and increase customer satisfaction. To further improve your sales strategy, it is important to consider tips for maximizing profits from selling bundles on Amazon


Researching the Market Before Launching Your Bundle

Researching the market before launching a bundle is essential in order to understand what type of products should be included in the bundle as well as who may be interested in purchasing it. This includes researching competitors' bundles, analyzing customer reviews, exploring trends within similar markets, and more.

Doing this research beforehand will give you an idea of what types of products have been successful with other sellers as well as how much they typically charge for their bundles so that you can price yours accordingly.


Optimizing Your Listing for Maximum Visibility

Optimizing your listing for maximum visibility means making sure that all relevant information about your product is accurately represented on its page including images, descriptions, pricing details etc., so potential customers know exactly what they are getting when they purchase from you.

You should also make sure that any keywords related to your product are included in both titles and descriptions which will increase its chances of being found by those searching online for similar items or services offered by other sellers in the same category or niche market as yours.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms To Promote Your Bundle

Leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook can be an effective way to promote a bundle. These sites offer access to large audiences with different interests who may not otherwise see traditional advertisements placed elsewhere online or offline outlets such as newspapers/magazines etc.

Additionally, utilizing influencers who already have established followings could potentially lead more people towards discovering (and ultimately buying) your product since many people trust recommendations made by individuals they follow online over traditional advertising methods alone.

Analyzing Sales Data to Identify Opportunities for Improvement

Analyzing sales data is an important step in maximizing profits from selling bundles on Amazon. By studying the performance of your bundles, you can identify areas where you can improve and make changes that will increase profitability.

For example, if a bundle isn’t performing as well as expected, consider adjusting the price or offering discounts to boost sales. Additionally, look at customer reviews and ratings to see what customers are saying about your products and use this feedback to adjust your strategy accordingly.


Taking Advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Services

Utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services is another great way to maximize profits when selling bundles on Amazon. With FBA, sellers can outsource their order fulfillment process so they don’t have to worry about packing and shipping orders themselves.

This saves time and money while also providing customers with faster delivery times which leads to higher customer satisfaction levels and more repeat purchases.

Finally, utilizing automation tools is key for streamlining processes when it comes to selling bundles on Amazon.

Automation tools such as inventory management software allow sellers to manage their product listings more efficiently while also helping them keep track of stock levels in real-time so they never run out of items or overstock them unnecessarily.

Additionally, automation tools can help with pricing optimization, ensuring that sellers are always offering competitive prices that maximize profits without sacrificing quality or service levels.

Key Takeaway

Selling bundles on Amazon requires careful analysis of sales data, taking advantage of FBA services, and utilizing automation tools for efficient management. This will help to optimize pricing and maximize profits while providing customers with a better experience

Pros And Cons of Selling Amazon Bundles

Pros of Bundling

Increase Perceived Value 

First off, it allows sellers to increase the perceived value of their product offering without having to raise prices significantly; this in turn can lead to increased sales as customers will see more value in purchasing the bundled items than they would if they bought them individually. 

Reduce Cost of Shipping & Inventory

It reduces the cost of shipping when two products are shipped together as bundles. Additionally, bundling also helps reduce inventory costs as fewer individual items need to be stocked and shipped out separately; you can use amazon fulfillment services to ease shipping.

Customer Loyalty 

Finally, bundles can help drive customer loyalty as buyers appreciate getting everything they need from one seller rather than having to shop for each item separately elsewhere in online or offline stores.

Increased Profits and Sales 

Its a no-brainer that bundling increases profitability and leads to higher sales.

You can increase your profit margins by bundling products together and making more money from each sale. Additionally, when customers purchase a bundle, they often get a better deal than if they purchased each item separately.

This encourages them to buy more items at once and helps drive sales for your business.

Improved Visibility: Another advantage of selling bundles on Amazon is improved visibility in search results.

When customers search for specific products or categories, bundled items appear higher in the search results due to their unique listing structure.

This makes it easier for potential customers to find your product and increases the chances that they’ll click through to view it and potentially make a purchase.

Finally, selling bundles on Amazon can help improve customer satisfaction as well as loyalty by providing value-added services such as free shipping or discounts when purchasing multiple items at once.

Customers appreciate saving time and money while still receiving quality products from reliable sellers like yourself.

Cons of Bundling

Multiple reviews: If you have multiple bundles of each product and if yours is a new product, then you would have to get separate reviews on each bundle to bring more trust and worthiness of the product.

Sale spread across bundles: If its not a hot-selling product, you create multiple bundles. Then you will have your sales spread across multiple SKUs. And sales can be thin.

Source multiple products from different wholesalers: You might have to sources products from various vendors if you are wholesaling and they don't provide the side kick product. 

Approval from the brand for selling, might be needed in some cases.


FAQs in Relation to Bundling on Amazon


Can you bundle items on Amazon? Is it allowed?

Yes, you can bundle items on Amazon. This is a great way to increase sales and visibility for your products.

Bundling involves combining two or more of your products into one listing with a discounted price.

Customers will be able to purchase the bundled items together at a lower cost than if they were purchased separately.

You can also use bundling as an opportunity to promote related products that may not have been previously considered by customers.

With bundling, you can reach new audiences and offer them value in the form of discounts and convenience when buying multiple items from you at once.


Why are Amazon bundles cheaper?

Amazon bundles are cheaper because they offer a discounted price for purchasing multiple items at once.

This allows Amazon to move more inventory and increase their sales volume, while also providing customers with a better deal than buying each item separately.

Additionally, bundling items together can help reduce shipping costs since the customer is only paying one fee instead of multiple fees for individual products.

Ultimately, Amazon bundles provide an attractive option for customers looking to save money on their purchases.


How do I add a product bundle on Amazon?

Adding a product bundle on Amazon is easy and straightforward. First, create a new listing for the bundle by selecting "Create a Product Bundle" from the Add a Product page.

Next, select the products you want to include in your bundle and add them to your cart.

Finally, review all of the details of your product bundle and submit it for approval. Once approved, customers will be able to purchase your bundled items together at one discounted price.



In conclusion, bundling on Amazon is a great way to increase sales and profits. It can help you reach new customers and offer them more value for their money. However, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of selling bundles before taking the plunge. Knowing how to create an Amazon virtual bundle, wholesale on Amazon, and use strategies for successful bundling are all essential components of success when selling bundles on both Amazon and Walmart. With careful planning and execution, bundling can be a powerful tool in your e-commerce arsenal that will help you maximize profits while providing customers with unique products at competitive prices.

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